Two heroes, both alike in dignity...

It is said that William Shakespeare, is the greatest playwright the world has ever known, but when trouble rears its ugly head, he springs into action as his superhero alter-ego THE BARD OF AVON! Along with his page, William Page (of The Merry Wives of Windsor Fame), our heroes explore love, labour, and losing it in No Holds Bard: The First Folio, a wildly inventive original graphic novel by author Eric Gladstone and beautifully illustrated by Gabrielle M. Kari. Thus, this dramatic duo is creating a super-bonkers and also sort of literary comic series that will tickle your funny bone and give your appreciation for Renaissance theater the kick it deserves! 

As Bard and Page inch ever closer to their arch-nemesis, the puzzling and pernicious Puck, they’ll encounter Shakespeare’s zany contemporaries and creations, from Christopher Marlowe and Sir Francis Bacon to Romeo and Juliet, and is chock full of references and style. For this reason, our far-out fantasy-fueled fable will absolutely appeal to literary loyalists and superhero aficionados alike. Best of all, Bard is written (mostly) in iambic pentameter, just like Shakespeare’s plays! Whether you’re a student or a seasoned thespian, No Holds Bard is the comic for you!

Read No Holds Bard when it hits fine comics retailers on December 1, 2021

The Historie of No Holds Bard

In 2016, writer Eric Gladstone and artists Erica Henderson, Logan Faerber, Cara McGee, James Callahan, Aaron Conley, and some great pin-up artists brought the Pilot Issue of No Holds Bard to life with the help of over 600 Kickstarter backers. Praised for its use of iambic pentameter, accessibility, and fantastic art, Bard gained something of a cult following. 

Now, Eric and rising star Gabrielle M. Kari are teaming up with even more incredible pin-ups from some of the biggest names in comics. You’d be mad not to check it out! No Holds Bard: The First Folio will tickle your funnybone and make you think of England.