Aneke! More teaser art! Closing up shop!

Salutations, everyone.

We’re excited to welcome rising Spanish superstar Aneke (@mellanuska) into the fold! We love her work on Dynamite books and Gotham City Garage! She’ll be doing a variant cover for No Holds Bard, issue #4, and we know she’s going to do great. Like the rest of the variants, they’ll be up for purchase as prints in our BackerKit store. Collect them all!

So, for those keeping track, that means our variant gallery will consist of:

1. Pia Guerra
2. James Callahan
3. Luke McGarry
4. Aneke
5. Ming Doyle
6. ???

We’re still talking to that mystery 6th artist, but if we land them, ho boy, hold on to your hats. Add in Logan Faerber on the interiors and regular covers, and you got yourself a pretty solid book.

Speaking of Logan, have you seen his cover for this thing? It’s majestic.

We’re also doing a signed bookplate edition of the collection, and you can see the art below. It’s going to be really, really, really good.

Beautiful, right?

A funny thing happened yesterday. Even though I hid the page for buying our Pilot issue around a month ago in preparation for the new Kickstarter, someone managed to beat the system and send me money. So now I’ve disabled the PayPal button. I feel like Ringo Starr.  (YT: Ringo Starr says he’s too busy to sign autographs)Don’t worry if you didn’t get your copy of this extremely rare comic, the rest of the stock will be up for sale on our BackerKit store when we launch.

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All right, that’s it. More updates when we get them.