Eric Gladstone is a writer and native-born son of Los Angeles, California. He was the Senior Dialogue Writer for Marvel Heroes Omega, and from 2011-2017, he worked no more than 30 feet from Stan Lee as a researcher, video editor and writer at the POW! Entertainment offices. He currently works on the Warner Bros. TV show Titans, due to premiere on DC’s streaming service in 2018.

He also likes dogs, cats, rats, pigs, video games, professional wrestling, and riddles.

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Logan Faerber was always a quiet child: one who kept to himself and played outside as frequently as he could. He could relate to cartoons and animals more than most people. On his 7th birthday, Logan’s brother passed down his long boxes of comics, granting access to Marvel and DC stories from the 70s onward. This imaginary landscape helped to fuel Logan’s desire to become an artist and drove him to pursue illustration and design at Montserrat College of Art. Now, as an adult, Logan still finds joy in playing games, reading books and drawing pictures, keeping himself young at heart forever.

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