Two heroes, both alike in dignity...

The Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, and his page, William Page (of The Merry Wives of Windsor fame), star in No Holds Bard, a wildly inventive, original graphic novel by Eric Gladstone (Marvel Heroes Omega) and Logan Faerber (Namwolf). No Holds Bard is super-bonkers and also sorta literary. It explores love, labour, and losing it as Bard and Page inch ever closer to their archnemesis, the puzzling and pernicious Puck. This far-out fantasy-fueled folio stirs the loins of both literary loyalists and action hero aficionados alike, with more iambic pentameter than you can shake a stick at.

The Historie of No Holds Bard

In 2016, writer Eric Gladstone and artists Erica Henderson, Logan Faerber, Cara McGee, James Callahan, and Aaron Conley brought the Pilot Issue of No Holds Bard to life with the help of over 600 backers. Praised for its use of iambic pentameter and fantastic art, No Holds Bard gained a cult following. In 2018, Eric and Logan are back at it again, creating a 6-issue original graphic novel that will complete the story, or start something new…

But that’s not all. We’re also assembling one of the greatest variant cover galleries ever. 

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